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3 Best Features of Xerox B215

If you are in search of a good-quality laser printer, then you may consider Xerox B215. It is a type of monochrome laser printer. What we love about it is that it is compact, ideal for your mini office space. This printer can fax, scan, and copy a document. It has 3,000 pages of print volume per month. Every business owner would love this Xerox B215 because it is packed with amazing office-friendly features.

If you plan to purchase this kind of printer, you may want to know the features and functions it can offer. To know whether it can meet your printing requirements, we will provide you the top three best features of the Xerox B215 printer.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

16.4 PPM Print Speed

For less than 250 US Dollars, you can have a printer that can print 16 pages in one minute. This printer can print documents way faster than the other average printing machines. There is no doubt that printing speed is one of the most crucial features you should look for in a printer. So, if you have the budget, you may consider buying this Xerox B215.

40-Sheet Manual Duplexing ADF

ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder. The Xerox B215 features a 40-sheet manual duplexing ADF. This means that it allows you to copy and scan two documents on a two-sided page. But unlike the other more advanced printers, you need to manually turn the page for duplexing.

Decent Monochrome Output

The Xerox B215 provides you with a good-looking grayscale and monochrome output. You will love how it prints the texts in a highly legible and well-shaped manner. What’s more? It produces readable prints even though you are using the smallest font size. Aside from that, it creates decent-looking outputs of full-page PowerPoint handouts and Excel graphs and charts.

You will also love this Xerox B215 printer because it allows you to print photos without graininess. Generally, the said printer can provide you with high–quality prints that most businesses and offices require.


For less than 250 US Dollars, you can now have the Xerox B215 printer. This one is equipped with outstanding features you will love. Some of them are the specifications we mentioned above.

Printers are a necessity in school, home office, or even in small businesses. That’s why it is essential to choose the best printer available in the market. Xerox B215 is one of the best and reasonably priced monochrome printers in the market today.

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