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Why You Should Switch To Xerox WorkCentre 6515

Switch To Xerox WorkCentre 6515

When you are planning to have a printer, it is advisable to check its quality which is dictated by the features and specifications. Several things must be considered when planning to buy a copier. One of these is the quality of the color printing the device has. In that manner, acquiring such a machine is a smart move for business. It will help your company to be more assertive to its goals and aid in increasing your employees’ productivity. Remember that copiers and printers are vital key players in your company. Machine purchase will surely make a big hole in your capital, that is why it is advisable to find for a copier leasing service provider to minimize your expenses. Copier Leasing Services offers this kind of set-up. They have a wide variety of copier lease options where you can choose from. 

The pros and cons

Each machine has its respective benefits and limitations. The competition among brands and models will just be about which could offer more. For this model, Xerox WorkCentre 6515, its pros include excellent text quality, above-average graphics, two-sided scanning, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Past clients of this machine loved this for enabling a variety of applications for mobile printing. Another, they commend its PANTONE solid color simulation feature, as well as having a choice of three sets of toner cartridges. Meanwhile, the machine is not capable of accepting ledger-sized papers. It also has no finishers. 

Get to know the Xerox WorkCentre 6515

Xerox WorkCentre 6515 is an all-in-one printer that can produce good quality outputs, has a commendable speed, and robust features. Such a machine works best in a small to the micro office because of its multifunctionality ad color printing. It can also accommodate heavy-duty usage. Though there are some higher and upgraded models better than this one, it is still worth a try because it is cost-effective and has superb text quality and fast scanning. 

Design and features of Xerox WorkCentre 6515

The copier is an LED-based printer that makes use of light-emitting diodes. The said LED copier is considered a laser-class device that shares many characteristics with a laser one. LED copiers are more compact having a size of 19.7 by 16.5 by 19.9 inches (HWD). It needs to be rested on a bench or a table to be able to use this safely. Moreover, its weight is around 67 lbs, requiring two people to move it from one place to another. Also, it has a 5-inch color touch screen located near the output tray. It can be tilted upward for visibility. There is also a USB port below the display. On top, you can see the flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder that can do two-sided scanning. Having the latter feature makes scanning easier and faster. 

Daily usage

The xerox machine produces crisp and bright outputs. When printing colored full-page, the colors are consistent with minimal striping. Moreover, pictures printed in this machine are better in quality compared to others. The text is also sharp and clear that it appears like it is fresh from the printing press. When it comes to the features that most clients love about this model, they loved its duplex printing and scanning as it makes their works easier and helps their employees be more productive. Since it is efficient to just lease a copier, it best to look for an affordable copier leasing provider. The hotline of Copier Leasing Services is always open and available for your queries and quotations. Their deals are guaranteed to be cost-effective and reliable. 

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