Keep Your Copier In a Good Running Condition at All Time

Keeping copiers in their best shape is not only through the regular visits of your maintenance service provider. You also have to develop some habits yourself that can contribute to making sure your office copiers are of top quality. Copier lease Reno experts recommend that you really make even the slightest efforts as well in maintaining your machines. Your copier leasing deal is not going to cover simple glass wipes for you as part of your service contract with your dealer. 

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Reno may come with those really hugely helpful service contracts in copier lease agreements, but as the user of the machine, you have to do your part. Copier leasing requires you to maintain the copier you are leasing. Without doing so, the contract terms may turn against you, and that is just awful. So here are the following habits you need to develop in order to keep your copier in its top shape:

Make your copier room a drink-and-food-free one.

It is common for many office employees to drink their coffee or other beverages while doing some tasks in the copier room. Sometimes, they even place their beverages right on top of the copier machine. The horror!

It is important that you maintain no food and beverage in the copier room or station. You don’t want to risk food crumbs or pieces getting stuck in between the machine’s parts that can derail your copier’s functionality.  Beverages do not need to necessarily spill in order for them to cause serious damage to your device. 

Merely placing your moist drink container on the copier can cause slight malfunctions already. Hot liquid can also cause some warming in the internal parts of the machine that may damage print outputs. Copiers are generally sensitive when it comes to these temperature things.

Handle paper trays gently with your hands.

Paper trays need to be closed at the end of the day when all the tasks needed to be performed in it have been accomplished. Some people are just impatient that they simply hit the paper trays with some hard tools that are too harsh on the trays but definitely close them. Take the time to be a little patient with your dear machine that has worked many hours for you the whole day.

Use your hands in closing the paper trays. Gently close them. Do not exert too much force. Besides, it’s not like you are lifting heavy metal here. If you maintain this habit, your copier will not have misaligned trays that are a common issue leading to bigger machine problems. 

Also, what’s best is if you also maintain the closing of your trays every after use instead of just at the end of the day. In doing so, you prevent your co-workers or other office furniture from hitting these trays that can loosen its grip in your machine. It is best you observe this practice in order to avoid paper tray issues that can affect your productivity negatively.

Clean the parts of your copier you can clean without jewelry wrapped around your hands.

Jewelries such as watches, rings, or bracelets can cause scratches on sensitive parts of your machine. It can also get hooked to some sensitive machine parts that when pulled away from, might get caught in a chaotic malfunction. These little accessories may look good on you, but you don’t need them when you’re cleaning your copier. 

What you need is a full attention and dedication to making sure your copier is cleaned the proper way. Do not let these little things get in the way of that. Besides, copiers tend to get really dirty internally and cleaning them without any jewelry is the best way to thoroughly get deep down this matter.